Vape N Tube, Small Vape Pen bag, NO MESS, Water Resistant, Clean Storage, Cannabis Accessory Bag, Ganja, Vape PEN - not included


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Designed for the connoisseur on the go and made in Colorado, USA, these up-cycled bicycle tubes are great for storing products that can cause a mess, leave residue, or might leak into your pockets and bags.

Keep shake and concentrate residue from leaving sticky and smelly debris on your clothes and bags! Our easy to clean storage bags are Mess Resistant, Order Resistant, Water Resistant. Available in two sizes.

Small - 3" H X 7" L X .65" D

Large - 3" H X 7" L X .65" D

Love it, thank you !

10/10. Item works perfectly to hold vape in pocket. Pictures and description are as advertised. Got some stickers and some papers as well. I’ve showed the vape case to my coworkers and they liked it too. It’s handy and discreet.

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Very well made, stitching is very stiff and well sewn!!! Worked great in tandem with a waterproof case for tubing on the river!!!

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